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Addiction is not your fault,but recovery is your responsibility
Couple Therapy Session

Services Provided

We Specialize in Addiction Treatment & Recovery for Adults


  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations: 

    What you can expect during your evaluation:

    1. An initial assessment is conducted by a certified counselor. 
    2. Once information is gathered, your counselor will determine the nature and extent of the presenting problem.
    3. A recommendation is made for the most appropriate level of drug and alcohol treatment when warranted, or a referral to other services may be made to best meet the needs of the individual.


  • Traditional Outpatient (OP): 

This treatment approach typically involves a combination of regular individual, couples, family, or group counseling sessions.  The process usually begins on a weekly basis and then decreases in regularity for a period of three to six months. There are short term programs designed for those who have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence.


  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP): 

    The IOP is a non-hospital, intensive treatment experience designed for clients whose clinical needs go beyond routine outpatient therapy. Eligibility for IOP will be determined during the client evaluation.

    Our program consists of three weekly group meetings and a combination of individual and family counseling sessions. The intensive phase is a maximum of six weeks and is followed by traditional outpatient services.  Day and evening sessions are available.

    New Insights has been on the forefront in providing the Intensive Outpatient Treatment level of care since 1988. It is notable that New Insights introduced Intensive Outpatient Treatment to Central Pennsylvania and has been a leader in the development and promotion of this level of care statewide.


  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP): "Rehab While at Work™"  Lemoyne Only

    New Insights II is proud to offer a PHP that provides our clients a solid foundation and momentum for long term recovery while avoiding long term absence from work and lost income. This innovative program enables our clients to:

    • Stay on the job while in treatment
    • Integrate recovery and lifestyle change into current environment
    • Achieve a better understanding of recovery as a lifelong process
    • Involve the family in the treatment process
    • Receive support and direction on a day-to-day basis
    • Experience many non-traditional aspects such as nutritional guidelines, journaling, yoga, and stress management techniques

Currently this program is provided only for adult males. Costs for this program are covered by many insurance plans and HMOs.  


  • Family Program:  Lemoyne Only

    Whenever possible and appropriate, New Insights II strongly encourages family involvement in the treatment process, at all levels of care. Often, the most damage done by addiction is the emotional strife and trauma imposed upon the addict's loved ones. Statistics indicate that when the spouse or family is involved in treatment, the success rate increases by a multiple of five.

    The Rehab While at Work program at New Insights II provides a weekly Family Group to address this important area. These small therapy groups allow counselors to:

    • Address individual issues
    • Educate with the most up-to-date substance abuse knowledge
    • Redirect faulty thought processes that eventually could lead to relapse
    • Provide a supportive environment focused on aiding in change and learning the tools for living a clean and sober life


  • Relapse Prevention: 

    The Relapse Prevention Group at New Insights II is designed both for:

    • The first time clients who have self diagnosed their addiction
    • Clients who are returning to treatment following a relapse

Relapse is not a single event, but is a process for which you can intervene before the return to drug or alcohol use. The recognition of relapse warning signs are emphasized in this group as is the development of an affective relapse prevention plan:

Some signs and factors of a relapse are:

  • Negative emotions
  • Self defeating thinking patterns
  • Behavioral changes
  • Medical problems
  • Psychiatric conditions
  • Environmental factors

Clients also learn to:

  • Identify their personal triggers that would push them to return to drug or alcohol use
  • Management of high risk situations for relapse
  • The importance of support and 12 step meeting attendance

The information presented is based on the disease model of addiction and the latest research in the field of relapse prevention.


  • Woman's Recovery Group: 

    The goals of this group include:

    • Learn the disease nature of addiction and apply that to recovery
    • Implement and maintain  involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous and/or other appropriate recovery programs and support groups
    • Practice relinquishing destructive thoughts, defenses and behaviors
    • Utilize group support to implement positive changes
    • Achieve self-empowerment by learning clear communication, truth telling, assertiveness and healthy boundaries

The Women’s Chemical Dependency Group at New Insights II is a traditional therapy group that may also offer:

  • Mindful meditation
  • Stress reduction and grounding techniques
  • Creative visualization
  • Various appropriate creative tasks


  • State mandated Alcohol Highway Safety School:

 The DUI education classes are taught by a certified DUI education class instructor. The classes follow Pennsylvania's approved 12.5 hour curriculum and are required for all first and second DUI offenses.


  • CRN Evaluations:  York Only

A CRN evaluation is conducted by a certified CRN evaluator. It is a screening tool mandated by Pennsylvania for each DUI offense. Upon completion of the CRN, the evaluator submits the evaluation to the court.